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Buzbee Releases Houston Fire Department Internal Logs

HOUSTONNov. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tony Buzbee, the attorney in Houston representing the Acosta family, and more than 150 victims injured at the Astroworld concert, released internal Houston Fire Department logs today. The logs record, in real time, the events that occurred at Astroworld starting early in the morning before the gates were opened, until the scene was secured. According to Buzbee: “These logs demonstrate that as early as 10 am in the morning, security had lost control of the crowd. Things got progressively worse as the day progressed. The organizers, promoters, security, medical staff, and performers had ample opportunity—literally hours of notice—to cancel the concert before anyone was injured. This is criminal.”  Buzbee indicated that he will file suit on Monday morning suit seeking more than $500 million for his clients.


LINK TO Timeline_from_HFD

The logs show:

–          0815 Lt Barrow request riot equipment
–          0915 HPD preparing to open gates to participants
–          0920 Participants breached secondary checkpoint
–          0923 Participants have breached main gate and bypassed COVID testing checkpoint
–          0925 HPD requests medical for 4 individuals.
–          1000 Venue gates opened.
–          1002 Venue fences damaged, no control of participants.
–          1005 Breached Merchandising lines
–          1019 Crowd trying to push down final barrier

The Buzbee Law Firm is based in Houston. Since its inception, it has recovered more than $10 billion dollars for clients. Tony Buzbee was named “Attorney of the Year” in 2015.

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