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Tenn Texas LLC

“Where the west is one”


“To sustain, enrich and advance the Heritage of the West by preserving & modernizing the Agriculture, Western Arts, Hospitality, Western Sports and Entertainment Industry”.

The vision of Tenn Texas™ LLC. was created by Christina Laiche, the founder and Chairwoman. Her platform in creating the logo for Tenn Texas™ LLC. was to add a touch of Texas & Tennessee therefore, The Upside-Down T on top, and T on Bottom, the center line signifies The Pathway to Success which represents the highway in front of the property for which Tenn Texas will call home, the circle represents ONE and the overall design reflects the cross which represents her Faith & Belief in Jesus Christ.


Tenn Texas LLC. was created to become a destination. Through careful planning we seen a lack of thorough rural marketing needs prior to bringing this destination to the forefront.

Through careful consideration we learned the importance of building our own marketing agency to go through the struggles that Rural American business owners are challenged with, seek the wisdom of those building, creating, and contemplating on how we as rural Americans can bring competitive values to a very competitive urban and inner city America.

Through the passion and purpose to collaborate with those involved either as Business Owners, Athletes, Artist, Entertainers, Consumers we hope to unite and bring together “Everything Rural America, Everything Western, Everything Cowboy & Cowgirl, Everything Agriculture…..

Together we are the difference, Together we bring the importance of protecting and preserving the modernization of Agriculture & American Heritage of the West. Together we are WHERE THE WEST IS, ONE!


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