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Season 4 of Yellowstone will bring some new faces to our screens.

Stay tuned for more Yellowstone updates leading up to the November 7 premiere.

PHOTO CREDIT: Paramount Network ARTICLE CREDIT: Cowboys & Indians Magazine / Kaylee Brister

With the Season 3 finale cliffhanger, we can only hope to see our favorite Yellowstone cast members on screen again in the next season. Did all the Duttons survive? What about Jimmy? And although we couldn’t get any spoilers from our November/December cover story interview with Cole Hauser, he did share this with our senior writer, Joe Leydon:

“There’s a wonderful relationship — which I won’t give away — with Beth and I that comes into our life. And again, it shows another side of not only Rip, but also Beth, and also John Dutton.”

Here’s what we know about the new characters that will be joining the Yellowstone cast in Season 4.


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