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From start to finish, every batch honors their ancestors, carrying on the traditions behind authentic Mexican cuisine.



SANTA BARBARA, CA, USA, September 4, 2022 / — Food carries memory. With one taste of authentically-crafted Smokin’ Good Salsa, the mind is transported to a warm, sunlit kitchen. An oversized pot of homemade pozole simmers on the stove while a fresh batch of garden tomatoes with Mexican chiles pop and sizzle atop the cast iron comal. Bursts of laughter ring out over the pounding of little footsteps racing through the kitchen as many hands join in the work of chopping, mixing, and prepping the meal. Here, real life happens around the dinner table, and every moment – just like every bite – is worth savoring.

This is the experience of Casa de Comer Founders Sean Comer and Silvia Franco-Comer, the husband-wife team of Santa Barbara who is fast becoming a true local legend for their Smokin’ Good Salsas. For the family-run brand, crafting fresh salsa is a true act of love. From start to finish, every batch honors the memory of their ancestors, paying homage to generations of tias and abuelas who kept community alive by carrying on the traditions behind authentic Mexican cuisine.

“I have always enjoyed cooking, and when Silvia’s Mama Lidia introduced me to her traditional salsa-making methods, I found a fresh passion for this art,”

Sean comer

“The rich, old-world flavor and aromas have a way of bringing people together, creating connection through the simple act of sharing a good meal.” shares Sean Comer.

Five authentic, flame-grilled vegan salsas infuse any dish with the bright color and rich depth of flavor of farm-fresh ingredients adding healthy plant based nutrition:

Signature Red Salsa (Salsa Roja Ahumada) offers a full-bodied palette of bold, all natural sun-ripened tomato flavor with a pleasing hint of smokey and a mild to medium-level spice.

Salsa Verde (Ahumada) is a smooth blend of zesty tomatillo with a smoky flavor, medium-level heat for a mouthwatering citrusy finish.

Cilantro Lime and Pepita pairs the fresh, distinctive flavor of the most well known of Mexican herbs with a kick of juicy citrus for a creamy and bold blend that delivers a satisfying smooth finish of pumpkin seed.

Mango Salsa is a perfect balance of sweet, sun-grown mango and tangy, mild peppers, infusing an instant tropical uplift to any dish.

Salsa Taquera Ahumada (Salsa Ahumada con Chile de Árbol) is savory with a perfect level of hot spicy and the smoky flavor tastes like it comes straight from mama’s kitchen, bringing the fire of a traditional table salsa for those who like it hot! Keeps you coming back for more.

Made with love, each perfectly balanced traditional recipe lends itself to a variety of dishes limited only by the imagination. Smokin’ Good Salsa shines as the centerpiece of any family meal; an ideal dip or garnish for soups, meats, salads, and more. Also a perfect healthy choice for afternoon snacking, gifting, or as a thoughtful contribution to gatherings with friends (assuming you want to share).

Find a selection of Casa de Comer salsas – including Signature Red, Salsa Verde, Mango Salsa, or Cilantro Lime and Pepita – at your local Gelson’s Market.

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About Casa de Comer:

Co-Founded by husband-wife team Sean Comer and Silva Franco-Comer, Casa de Comer began with a simple mission: to craft quality, healthy and savory salsas by using authentic flavors of old-world Mexico. Generations of family tradition passed down from Silvia’s Mama Lidia led to a fresh collection of flame-grilled, preservative-free salsas that enliven any dish or snack plate. Priding themselves for never using any products that come from a metal can. Each perfectly balanced recipe initially featured as a tri-tip sandwich garnish on the couple’s food truck and quickly became the star of the show. Due to customer demand, Casa de Comer introduced three standalone salsas – Signature Red, Verde, and Salsa Taquera Ahumada – to suit a variety of spice and flavor preferences. Recently introduced innovative flavors, Cilantro Lime and Pepita and also filling the demand for a premium Mango salsa. You can now find four distinct blends at all Southern California Gelson’s Market locations. Learn more about the Casa de Comer story at

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