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Are Asian Lady Beetles Bugging You? Here are a few remedies.



We have a few solutions.

Courtesy of Tiny Quality Homes

If you would rather buy a product and treat your pest, may we also suggest this product from P.F. Harris, that controls/removes this pest, from what we learned it is important to treat NOW.

After visiting P.F. Harris Website we learned the following:

When to Apply:

Because both Asian Lady Beetles and BoxElder Bugs are overwintering pest the timing of application is important. Ideal application time is when the temperatures start to cool off and you start having longer nights, this will single to overwintering pest that winter is approaching.

This is the time these pests such as Asian Lady Bugs and Box Elder Bugs will try to gain access to the warmer areas inside your home. You will want to apply the product on the exterior of the home, concentrate on the southern side, and treat all entry points.

Areas such as electrical and plumbing penetrations, cracks in siding, openings in eaves. Try to fix any entry points prior to fall, and then spray accordingly.

Where to Buy:
Online at P.F. Harris Website or at these retailers: Walmart, Ace, True Value, Do It Best, The Home Depot, & Tractor Supply


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