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Christian Women Stand United to Support Faith Based Hoodies

Christian Women Stand United to Support Faith Based Hoodies



New York, NY, October 22, 2021 –(– Christian Hoodies, an ad hoc association of Christian women wearing comfortable fleece apparel, has declared their divine faith via a collection of spiritually messaged and well crafted hoodies. Relying on simple and direct text, the Christian Hoodies proclaim such universal messages as “Blessed,” “Belief,” perhaps most provocatively “Hope.”

Covering a wide range of sizes from the demure “small” to the powerful “X Large,” the hoodies, sometime also referred to as “pull overs” or “sweatshirts” have been constructed with a thoughtful blend of natural cotton fiber along with durable and long lasting polyester filament. Together, these 50/50 blends create a widely appreciated level of comfort, warmth, and feeling of general well being for the wearer.

Said one Christian woman, “Wearing my Christian Hoodie just fills me with love. I am inspired to be a better person and work harder to live up to the ideals of my Faith.” Another Hoodie wearer agreed, “It makes me feel so good inside knowing that the message I am wearing is one of righteousness and belief.”

The Christian Hoodies are available online to all Christian women, their families, and their friends. Shopping hours have been extended to 24 hours each day of the week. However, the distributor urges all who are interested to observe at least one day of the week and reflect on the greatness and majesty of the Lord’s work and benevolence.

In loose homage to the 12 Apostles, beautiful photos of a dozen Christian Hoodies can be viewed by visiting Christian Hoodies Dot Net. May all Christian Women be blessed with health, happiness and good fortune.


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