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Jacob Smalley, originally from the Coast of Maine, is a country music outlaw.

Growing up in the secluded woods of Northern Maine, Jacob began his journey in music at eight years old when he taught himself to play five-string banjo and later the mandolin and guitar.

Shortly after becoming an adult, Jacob entered the bluegrass music scene as a lead banjo player for a few local bands. At 18, Jacob traveled to Nashville to record his first full country album.

Shortly thereafter, he severely injured his left hand in a woodworking accident and left his album and the music industry collecting dust for over ten years. 

In 2016, a good friend and fellow musician convinced Jacob to give the music scene another go-around, which rekindled the burning passion for music in his soul.

In 2017, Jacob formed “The Jacob Smalley Band” and quickly rose to the top of the local music scene in Maine and Northern New England. In 2019, Jacob married his wife, Ashley, and they relocated to the Ozarks, where his newest musical project was forged, “Jacob Smalley & Morgan County Line.”

In November 2023, Jacob returned to Nashville and recorded his newest EP of original music, “Sleepy Little Town”, released in December 2023.

Jacob finds inspiration for his original music through his hardships and life experiences.

Each of his original songs is an exposed piece of his bleeding heart. 

Although his general genre of music is country rock, Jacob transcends into other genres and is one of the most versatile vocalists you will ever hear.

He sings everything from classical music to hard rock.

Jacob Smalley, a phenomenal songwriter and performer, shared the stage with Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, Joe Diffie, Dwight Yoakam, Sawyer Brown, and Colt Ford.

Their stage energy is contagious and electrifying and Jacob’s heart-wrenching original songs will leave you floating in a range of emotions.

Jacob Smalley & Morgan County Line are a musical force on stage.

Their live show is something you will not soon forget.


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