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Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho – November 11, 2022 – Six-time Emmy nominee and Emmy Award winner Jacob Young is now attached to the film Freedom as a producer and actor. Jacob has agreed to produce and play the male lead role of Rowdy. Jacob currently lives in South Carolina with his wife and three children.


Jacob Young burst onto television screens at the young age of seventeen. He has appeared on television for over twenty years and is recognized in over 100 countries.

Jason has worldwide appeal and has been dubbed in almost every known language on the planet. Jacob earned his nickname “one take Jake” for his preparedness and ability to work quickly and under pressure. He always delivers a polished and on point performance. This attribute has made Jacob Young an in-demand commodity for indie films and television.

Jacob has appeared in over two thousand television episodes. He can recently be seen on Disney’s High School Musical and the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Jacob Young’s love for film has taken him behind the camera. He has produced several new film projects from 2019-present. We are blessed to have Jacob onboard.

Writer/Executive Producer Anita Waggoner and Lisa Varga, Actress, Producer, Script Co-Writer, and the Hollywood based company Buffalo 8 all welcome Jacob Young to the Freedom film production team. The amazing Freedom Team is working together to attract agents, distribution, high profile talent, and investors to this multi-million-dollar feature film.

Freedom is a gritty, modern-day western tale that delivers an innovative and intelligent variation to popular western themes like Yellowstone, Longmire, and Heartland. Freedom is scheduled to go into production early spring 2023.

LISA VARGA / PHOTO CREDIT: Lisa Varga Entertainment

Actress/Producer/Co-Writer Lisa Varga will play the lead role of Cheyenne, the tenacious, adventurous socialite who runs away from a privileged life in the city to live with Rowdy on his Oklahoma ranch. Lisa is presently creating a reality television show and getting excited for her role as Cheyenne in the Freedom film.

Lisa Varga moved from South Bend, Indiana, to LA to pursue an acting and modeling career. After modeling all over the country, Lisa landed acting roles in a number of TV series, from Walker, Texas Ranger to America’s Most Wanted: America Fights Back and, most recently, Game Time: Tackling the Past and Homeland. She also had roles in films such as Rudy, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Gold Diggers (aka “Lady Killers”), Marley & Me, and the starring role in “Deadly Closure” – which changed its title to Deadly Closure. Lisa won the Best Actress award for her film at the Movie Ville International Film Festival. In addition to acting, Lisa also writes, produces and performs her own stunts.


Writer/Executive Director, Anita Waggoner will make her acting debut as the character Mona, the bar owner in the film. Anita Waggoner’s books are available on Amazon. Freedom is her true story.

Anita Waggoner is a retired paralegal with an interest in writing, directing, and producing award winning projects.

After going through a difficult divorce walked away from a privileged lifestyle in the city and moved to the small country cow town, Freedom, Oklahoma… population 285. She invested in a 3400-acre ranch near Freedom where she built an exclusive western guest ranch and entertained guests from around the world.

Together with her Oklahoma cowboy partner, Marvin Nixon, Anita raised famous rodeo bulls who performed at PRCA and PBR events from New York City to Las Vegas, and many other places in between.

Anita Waggoner and Lisa Varga work together as a team. They share an amazing connection and work tirelessly together to bring the exciting modern-day western, award-winning script Freedom to the big screen. Varga and Waggoner’s excellent writing skills were acknowledged recently when the script Freedom won for Best Western Screenplay at the Silver State Film Festival in Las Vegas.

Anita and Lisa welcome Jacob Young as a Producer/Actor to the Freedom Dream Team. Jacob’s valuable involvement as producer and his performance in the acting role of Rowdy will help make Freedom an award-winning classic.

We are proud to introduce Freedom Movie’s amazing award-winning lead characters

Lisa Varga (Cheyenne) and Jacob Young (Rowdy).

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