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Rodeo One — R1 Has Developed a Project to Lift Rodeo to a Global Level.

Rodeo events on American soil will be made available in a digital interactive format for a worldwide audience.



FT WORTH, TX, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2022 / — R1 Digital Media has developed an integrated project to lift America’s oldest sports entertainment form to a global level. Rodeo events on American soil will be made available in a digital interactive format for a worldwide audience. This not only offers a future-driven world stage for traditional rodeo, but at the same time, gives the rodeo athlete career avenues that present modern-day marketing opportunities and an innovative compensation model.

R1’s advanced live & digital rodeo platform has been in development since 2017 and moved into an accelerated mode in 2021. The R1 founding team consists of experts from the entertainment and sports audiovisual industries, marketing, and new technologies, combined with a deep-rooted affinity with western heritage. Tom Rickard, award-winning Television Producer/Director and member of a ranching family legacy since 1846, Dean Barnes, award-winning Producer/Post Producer (Paramount, Fox, Disney, Warner Bros), Vicki Perry, award-winning Interactive TV & Event Producer (MTV), and Rik Raats, award-winning Global Marketing Consultant (Raats Marketing Agencies, various brands, EMEA, Asia & the Americas).

Open to Additional Partnerships and Collaborations

R1 Digital is planning its first globally distributed production in 2023. The project is being developed in dialogue with MediaKind, Microsoft Azure, Epic Games, Super78, FaceWare, FotoKem, and other companies.

R1 is open to additional partnerships and collaborations. R1 developed the project with the clear ambition of lifting the rodeo to a global world stage and a mainstream sport status. For the sake of the future of this western cultural tradition and to offer new opportunities to the rodeo athletes, R1 Digital conducted thorough multi-resource research on a global scale, developed its own technological approach, and has the marketing tools and expertise on board to share the rich tradition of rodeo with the world. R1 rides for the brand, and that brand is rodeo.

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