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Hen Up Hosts Coopstock, The First Ever Concert for Chickens

Hen Up® Organic Food for Chickens is partnering with chicken owners to host backyard concerts



Photo: HenUp / Tenn Texas

ARDEN HILLS, Minn.Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hen Up® Organic Food for Chickens presents Coopstock™, the first-ever backyard concerts exclusively for chickens. The concerts will feature live music and their owners and others can come, too.

“Chickens are known for their personalities, and they thrive on stimulation and engagement. So we wanted to celebrate that and have some fun with them by hosting live concerts from their coop,” said Scott Schraufnagel, director of marketing communications, Hen Up.

Anita Leadbetter hosted the first Coopstock in North Yarmouth, Maine, on September 12. “Our chickens love country music, so it was fun to host one of our favorite bands to play for our girls,” said Leadbetter.

Leadbetter and her 30 fluffy Silkie chickens and Cochin Bantam hens hosted about 40 of their close family and friends to enjoy a live country music band, 2 for Jackson, a country duo.

“Our chickens bring us so much joy and entertainment, not to mention delicious eggs,” said Leadbetter. “Of course, we want to thank them for their cuteness and all their hard laying work by making sure they are taken care of in the best way possible. We make sure they are fed a yummy, healthy and well-balanced diet by providing Hen Up.”

Backyard chicken owners, friends and family can follow other events on Facebook or Instagram, as five others host concerts across the country for their feathered friends to shake their tailfeathers. Other concert hosts include:

“Chickens bring obvious joy to their owners, so we’re encouraging anyone who has their own flock to share the joy of music with their hens and host their own Coopstock,” said Schraufnagel.

A Coopstock Spotify playlist is available for backyard chicken owners to play for their flock while hosting their own Coopstock event.

For more information on how to balance an active lifestyle for backyard chickens with the proper nutrition to help them thrive, visit

About Hen Up
Hen Up® Organic Food for Chickens offers nourishing, non-GMO products made with good stuff from the farm like ancient grains, superfoods and other ingredients that read like a grocery list. From freshly hatched chicks to egg-layin’ ladies, our products provide balanced nutrition and all the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids chickens need. Hen Up is a friendly little brand that’s proud to be part of Land O’Lakes, Inc., a farmer-owned cooperative. Find out more at

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