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NASHVILLE, TN – (June 14, 2024) – Country artist Nick Hickman has announced the release of the second single “Friends,” off his upcoming album to be released later this year. Co-written by Jeff Glasscock and Hickman, this tongue-in-cheek song captures the essence of camaraderie and the freedom to make mistakes during a night out. It highlights the joy and recklessness of friendship, embracing both the fun and the inevitable regrets that come with such nights. The new single is available on all digital music platforms now HERE

The official support video takes the song to new levels with visuals that elaborate on the lyrics of the song. Premiere partners AIM Country TV and Nashville Country TV offered viewers a first watch. The official video was filmed in Nashville and produced by Jordan Dziekan. Watch the video on Nick’s official artist YouTube Channel.

“The song “Friends” is just a fun summer anthem. We all know that one friend that you have to keep tabs on. That is likely to wind up in jail or in a ditch, I am usually that friend. So, it makes this song relatable to all who listen to it. Sometimes you don’t need a reason to write a song other than it is just what you are feeling at the time. Sometimes you just need your friends to let you be you and make the mistakes. I learn more from mistakes than I do anything else. Music doesn’t always have to be serious, sometimes music can be happy and make you feel good. We wanted to write a fun song that hit close to home.. so we did. I hope people will just blast it, dance to it, laugh to it, whatever takes you away from your day-to-day grind and allows you to be happy and free.. that is what I hope for everyone that hears it,” Nick Hickman proudly declared.

Co-writer Jeff Glasscock exclaimed, “Friends is a super high-energy song about living life on the wild side. In my opinion, the best type of friends you can have will help you have the best time of your life when you go out but also be there for you when you take it a little too far. All of us have that one friend who likes to have a little too much fun on the weekends, this song was made specifically about that friend! To quote the song itself, life is too short, get you some friends like mine!”

Despite working all week and having an empty bank account, the song embraces the camaraderie of friends for a night out, resulting in reckless spending and heavy drinking. While good friends might prevent such behavior, this group allows the freedom to make mistakes, even if it means waking up with regrets.

“Saturday worked all week and I wanna go out
Logged into my banking app aint nothing in my account
How do I work all the time but I’m still behind
Probably cause I do this every week despite my buddy’s reasoning
Friends don’t let friends go out when they aint got no money
And friends don’t let friends get drunk and run up a tab like a dummy
Good friends won’t let you get to the point of no return
But my friends do
Right about the time that first drink turns into four
My buddies see me stumbling my way to that exit door
They’ll probably make fun of me cause I’m seeing ten but she’s probably a three
But they know when I’ve had a few ain’t to much that they can do…”

“Friends” was recorded, engineered, and produced at Whiskey Neat Records in Nashville by Nick Hickman, Christian Santangelo and Jeff Glasscock. Session players on the recording include Andy Hull (Drums), Dow Tomlin (Bass), Jeff Glasscock (Guitars), Will Adkins (Keys), Andy Ellison (Steel Guitar, Mandolin and Banjo), and Christian Santangelo (Harmonies).

2024 Tour Dates
06-14-24 The Gardens – Arnolds Park, IA
06-15-24 The Gardens – Arnolds Park, IA
06-17-24 Ole Red – Nashville, TN
06-21-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
06-22-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
06-24-24 Ole Red – Nashville, TN
07-05-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
07-06-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
07-12-24 Red Rock Saloon – Madison, WI
07-19-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
07-20-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
07-26-24 Cranberry Resort – Huntsville, OH
07-27-24 Tin Rooster – Verona, NY
08-02-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
08-03-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
08-09-24 The Gardens – Arnolds Park, IA
08-10-24 The Gardens – Arnolds Park, IA
08-15-24 Tequila Cowboy – Pittsburgh, PA
08-16-24 Tequila Cowboy – Pittsburgh, PA
08-17-24 Tequila Cowboy – Pittsburgh, PA
08-23-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
08-24-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
09-06-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
09-07-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
09-13-24 Red Rock Saloon – Madison, WI
09-20-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
09-21-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
09-28-24 Sunnyhill Campground – Bolivar, NY
10-04-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
10-05-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
10-12-24 Tin Rooster – Verona, NY
10-18-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
10-19-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
10-25-24 Red Rock Saloon – Madison, WI
10-26-24 RallyPoint – Oconomowoc, WI
11-01-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
11-02-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
11-22-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
11-23-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
12-06-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
12-07-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
12-20-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
12-21-24 Uptown Social – Charleston, SC
12-26-24 Tequila Cowboy – Pittsburgh, PA
12-27-24 Tequila Cowboy – Pittsburgh, PA
12-28-24 Tequila Cowboy – Pittsburgh, PA
12-31-24 Tequila Cowboy – Pittsburgh, PA
More dates coming soon…

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Music is available on all digital platforms Apple Music, iTunesSpotifyPandoraYouTube Music and Amazon Music.

About Nick Hickman:
Nashville-based musician Nick Hickman epitomizes the dedication and artistry required to leave an indelible mark on country music. Originating from Harriman, TN, Nick embarked on his journey to Nashville in 2016, driven by his passion for songwriting and performance. Since then, he has graced the stage alongside notable influences such as Blake Shelton, Lee Brice, Jason Aldean, and more, solidifying his reputation for electrifying performances and engaging with audiences. His talent has garnered praise from venue owners and talent bookers, who commend his stage presence and musical prowess. Nick Hickman’s infectious energy and genuine songwriting have resonated deeply with audiences, earning him recognition in esteemed competitions like the Nash Next. He secured a Top 20 placement in a highly competitive field, a testament to his talent and hard work. Radio programmers have praised his work and compared his talent to established headliners. His debut single “Rain” from the 2016 EP Tailgate Dancefloor significantly impacted the Music Row Breakout chart, a notable achievement for a newcomer. His subsequent releases, including the EP Let Em Speak and singles like “Tipsy” and “Live For Tonight (feat. Amber Hayes),” have further solidified his position in the industry, with the latter earning placement on the Billboard indicator chart—a remarkable feat without major label support. Refusing to settle for mediocrity, Nick invests considerable time honing his craft in the writing room, studio, and on stage. He remains true to himself, embracing authenticity and transparency in his artistry—a quality that resonates deeply with his growing fan base. His EP, Feels Like Home, is a testament to his unwavering dedication and creativity, showcasing his artistic evolution. In 2023 Nick released his first full-length album, Junior Year, which culminates Nick’s musical evolution and personal growth, reflecting on his experiences and showcasing Nick’s versatility as a songwriter and performer.  
Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Nick seized the opportunity to establish his record label, Whiskey Neat Records, and construct a personal studio. With each release, Nick strives to elevate his music, delivering tracks ranging from introspective to upbeat, infused with his signature humor and charm. As he looks toward the future, Nick Hickman’s trajectory promises even greater success, fueled by his relentless passion and commitment to his craft.

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