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Sometimes a song comes around that just gives you that feeling that you have heard it before, or that it feels familiar.

For me IF IT TAKES TULSA by the troubadour Songbird Jones lays out the familiarity of what I would do if I found the right lady even if she was an Okie.

I would up my roots, get mud on my boots, and if she would be willing to change her name I would change my license plates.

Ghosts of the Tulsa Sound began to haunt me as soon as I arrived on a short stint living in T-Town…. they forged a song in my skull.


A song about a Texas man willing to leave his roots and follow an Oklahoma beauty to her native lands.

With song in hand, I quickly called up the top dogs on the Tulsa scene, and while the iron was hot, we struck up that Tulsa groove.

“If It Takes Tulsa” features Andrew Bair (producer, keys) and Jake Lynn (drums) both from Jason Boland and The Stragglers, Johnny Lee Mullenax (Tulsa guitar phenom), and Mat Maxwell (bass player for Luke Combs).

“If It Takes Tulsa” comes on the heels of Songbird Jones’ most successful release to date, “Give Here the Rein She’ll Run”.

It is part of a three song EP recorded in Tulsa, Oklahoma that will be followed by “Cougar Ridge Road” and “Play My Guitar For You”. 

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