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FORT WORTH, Texas (Jan. 27, 2023)—The most successful contestant in Bracket 4 at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo is once again a barrel racer and a former champion here.

Hailey Kinsel, from Cotulla, Texas, won Fort Worth’s legendary event in 2019 when it was held in the historic Will Rogers Coliseum. She came back the first year the rodeo moved to Dickies Arena and got the win again in 2020. There wasn’t a rodeo in 2021, but it was back full force in 2022 and Kinsel and her incredible mare DM Sissy Hayday “Sister” finished as the reserve champions.

Kinsel and Sister are at it again at the $1.2 million 2023 FWSSR ProRodeo Tournament. They won the first and second rounds of Bracket 4, earning $3,520 and a spot in the upcoming semifinals. They are on pace to become one of the winningest teams in the history of the legendary rodeo.

Rusty Wright of Milford, Utah, missed most of the 2022 professional rodeo season with multiple fractures of his right foot and leg. He just returned to competition and won round 2 of Bracket 4 at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo’s ProRodeo Tournament with this 88.5-point ride on United Pro Rodeo’s Awesome Sauce.

FWSSR photo by James Phifer.

The first time that Rusty Wright competed in the saddle bronc riding here, he was just 18 and was traveling with his father Cody Wright. That was also in Will Rogers and Rusty Wright finished second in the saddle bronc riding just three points behind his dad who won the championship.

The younger cowboy has been wanting to earn the Fort Worth championship ever since. He put himself in position to do that Friday after riding United Pro Rodeo’s Awesome Sauce for 88.5 points. That gave him the win in round 2 of Bracket 4 and he will be riding in the semifinals.

The win on Friday afternoon couldn’t have come at a better time for Wright. He was injured at the rodeo in Logandale, Nevada, last April. He had multiple fractures to his ankle and right leg and missed the remainder of the 2022 season.

Awesome Sauce was just the fifth horse that he has been on since recovering from his injuries. It added $1,760 to the checking account of the father of three.

The first round of Bracket 5 starts Friday night at 7:30 p.m.

FORT WORTH, Texas — The following are unofficial results from the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo’s Pro Rodeo Tournament after Bracket 4, January 27, 2023.

(Qualifiers are based on tie-breaker rules.)

Bracket 4, Round 2

Bareback riding: 1, Caleb Bennett, Corvallis, Mont., 88.5 points on Championship Pro Rodeo’s Meat Cracker, $1,760. 2, Trenton Montero, Winnemucca, Nev., 86.5, $1,320. 3,  Bill Tutor, Huntsville, Texas, 86, $880. 4, Tristan Hansen, Dillon, Mont., 80, $440.

Semi-finals qualifiers: Bennett and Tim O’Connell, Zwingle, Iowa, $1,760 each. Wild card qualifier: Montero, $1,760.

Steer wrestling: 1,Trell Etbauer, Goodwell, Okla., 3.8 seconds, $1,760. 2, Cade Goodman, Waelder, Texas, 4.2, $1,320. 3, Cody Devers, Balko, Okla., 4.9, $880. 4, Justin Shaffer, Hallsville, Texas, 5.2, $440.

Semi-finals qualifiers: Goodman, $2,200, and Etbauer, $1,760. Wild Card Qualifier: Tanner Brunner, Ramona, Kan., $1,760.

Breakaway roping: 1, Cheyanne Guillory, Kingston, Okla., 1.7 seconds, $1,760. 2, Sarah Angelone, Stephenville, Texas., 1.9, $1,320. 3, Martha Angelone, Stephenville, Okla., 2.3, $880. 4, Sawyer Gilbert, Buffalo, S.D., 2.7, $440.

Semi-finals qualifiers: Sarah Angelone, $3,080, and Guillory, $2,860. Wild Card qualifier: Gilbert, $1,540.

Saddle bronc riding: 1, Rusty Wright, Milford, Utah, 88.5 points on United Pro Rodeo’s Awesome Sauce, $1,760. 2, Logan Hay, Wildwood, Alberta, Canada, 88, $1,320. 3, Houston Brown, Miles City, Mont., 86.5, $880. 4, Cash Wilson, Wall, S.D., 85, $440.

Semi-finals qualifiers: Hay, $3,080, and Wright, $1,760. Wild Card qualifier: Wilson, $1,320.

Tie-down roping: 1, Taylor Santos, Creston, Calif., 9.1 seconds, $1,967. 2, Blane Cox, Cameron, Texas, 12.6, $1,467.  3, Zack Jongbloed, Iowa, La., 14.2, $1,027.

Semi-finals qualifiers: Santos, $2,787, and Trevor Hale, Perryton, Texas, $1,760. Wild Card qualifier: Jongbloed, $1,467.

Team Roping: (3 times) 1, Cash Duty, Weimar, Texas, and Sid Sporer, Cody, Wyo., 7.6 seconds, $1,907 each. 2, Tyler Wade, Terrell, Texas, and Travis Graves, Jay, Okla., 11.5, $1,467 each. 3, Reno Stoebner, Bastrop, Texas, and Ryan Motes, Weatherford, Texas, 14.3, $1,027 each.

Semi-finals qualifiers: Stoebner and Motes, $2,787 each, and Wade and Graves, $2,347. Wild Card qualifier: Duty and Sporer, $1,907 each.

Barrel Racing: 1, Hailey Kinsel, Cotulla, Texas, 16.25 seconds, $1,760. 2, Rainey Skelton, Llano, Texas,16.52, $1,320. 3, Rachelle Riggers, Lewiston, Idaho, 16.63, $880. 4, Stephanie Fryar, Waco, Texas, 16.68, $440.

Semi-finals qualifiers: Kinsel, $3,520, and Riggers, $1,760. Wild card qualifier: Skelton, $1,320.

Bull Riding: 1, Blaine Beaty, Deer Creek, Minn., 89 points on United Pro Rodeo’s Stimulus Check, $1,760. 2, Trey Benton III, Richards, Texas, 88.5, $1,320. 3, Sage Kimzey, Salado, Texas, 86.5, $880. 4, Coy Thorson, Fergus Falls, Minn., 84, $440.

Semi-finals qualifiers: Benton, $3,300, and Thorson, $2,420. Wild card qualifier: Beaty, $1,760.

Bracket 5, Round 1

Bareback riding: 1, Cooper Cooke, Victor, Idaho, 88 points on Championship Pro Rodeo’s Witchy Woman, $1,720. 2, Kade Sonnier, Carencro, La., 87.5, $1,320. 3, Waylon Bourgeois, Church Point, La., 85, $880. 4, Trenten Montero, Winnemucca, Nev., 84.5, $440.

Steer wrestling: 1, Stockton Graves, 3.6 seconds, $1,760.  2, Clayton Hass, Weatherford, Texas, 3.8,  $1,320. 3, Kodie Jang, Morgan Mill, Texas, 4.1, $880. 4, Tucker Allen, Oak View, Calif., 4.6 $440.

Breakaway roping: 1, Samantha Fulton, Miller, S.D., 2.0 seconds, $1,760. 2, (tie) Laramie Johnson, Shreveport, La., and Brady Good, Abilene, Texas, 2.6, $1,100 each. 4, Timber Allenbran, Paola, Kan., 2.8, $440.

Saddle bronc riding: 1, Kade Bruno, Challis, Idaho, 85 points on Sankey Pro Rodeo’s Robin Hood, $1,760. 2, (tie) Reed Neely, Sanger, Calif., and Mitch Pollock, Winnemucca, Nev., 85, $1,100 each. 4, Lefty Holman, Visalia, Calif., 83.5, $440.

Tie-down roping: 1, Marcos Costa, Iretama, Parana’, Brazil, 9.6 seconds, $1,760. 2, (tie) Shane Hanchey, Sulphur, La., and Colton Farquer, Oakdale, Calif., 9.9, $1,100 each. 4, Michael Otero, Lowndesboro, Ala., 10.1, $440.

Team Roping: 1, Dustin Egusquiza, Marianna, Fla., and Levi Lord, Sturgis, Neb., 4.2 seconds, $1,760 each. 2, Jake Clay, Sapulpa, Okla., and Billy Jack Saebens, Nowata, Okla., 5.8, $1,320 each. 3, Kreece Thompson, Munday, Texas, and Chad Williams, Stephenville, Texas, 5.9, $880 each. 4, Jr. Dees, Aurora, S.D., and Ross Ashford, Lott, Texas, 6.1, $440 each.

Barrel Racing: 1, Shannon McReynolds, La Luz, N.M., 16.54 seconds, $1,760. 2, Michelle Darling, Medford, Okla., 16.63, $1,320. 3, Abby Phillips, Marshall, Texas, 16.71, $880. 4, Andrea Busby, Brock, Texas, 17.16, $440.

Bull Riding: (three rides) 1, Josh Frost, Randlett, Utah, 88.5 points on Rafter G Rodeo’s Sky High, $1,907. 2, Trey Holston, Fort Scott, Kan., 84, $1,467. 3, Jeff Askey, Athens, Texas, 78, $1,027


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