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Top Three Technology Firms in Western Sports Merge



AUSTIN, TEXAS— Rodeo Logistics announced today that it has reached an agreement to acquire majority interest of EquiTech Holdings and RopeMetrics, technology developed to improve all aspects of rodeo. The transaction will merge the top three technology firms operating in the Western Sports landscape.

“For years, we’ve focused on building the best experience for rodeo athletes and producers through technology,”

gary mckinney – rodeo logistics ceo

“This landmark acquisition will unite these diverse tech companies under one roof and positions Rodeo Logistics as an industry leader in technology across all rodeo related disciplines,” said Rodeo Logistics CEO, Gary McKinney

Since their inception, Rodeo Logistics has been a market leader having launched industry disrupting technologies such as; The Virtual Rodeo Qualifier, Open Stalls, Rodeo Entry Tool and PBR’s (Professional Bull Riders) Mechanical Bull Rider.

“Since we started EquiTech, our team has been on a mission to create innovative, western sports products that make athletes and producers lives easier, leading to inventions like the NextGen Rodeo and BreedTech,”

clay deen – equitech chief operating officer

“Rodeo Logistics shares our passion and mission for building streamlined rodeo innovations, and I cannot think of a better place for our team to continue our mission. I’m excited to be a part of Rodeo Logistics Team and to see what we can build together for customers in the years ahead” said Clay Deen, EquiTech Chief Operating Officer.

According to McKinney, in addition to the majority acquisition of EquiTech, Rodeo Logistics also acquired majority interest in a separate firm, RopeMetrics.

RopeMetrics first disrupted the space with Team Roping specific software providing the necessary tools to manage events, track data, and classify Team Ropers. The software launched with multiple innovations relating to team roping classification and has pioneered multiple changes in the industry.  In addition, RopeMetrics allows athletes to enter, follow live results, and receive videos from the mobile app. In 2019, RopeMetrics acquired Automated Roping Productions Software, Roping Assistant Pro- A program widely used across the country by hundreds of roping productions.

EquiTech Holdings launched to diversify tech offerings in western lifestyles, first positioning to revolutionize rodeo event entries with NextGen Rodeo; a complete software management tool for rodeo specializing in services from entry to event management, live updates, results, as well as photo and video delivery. Soon after, EquiTech began development on BreedTech Software which is a management system for Stallion and Mare breeding farms to track and manage breeding processes – from boarding to inventories, to invoicing.  More recently, EquiTech also teamed up with Tara Hill, owner of Jackpot Junkie; this is a resource platform for equine enthusiasts across all disciplines for events and services.

The two organizations also noted that major changes are coming to RopeMetrics and announcements will follow this release in the coming weeks.

For all inquiring about Rodeo Logistics, please visit or call 888-343-1123.

About Rodeo LogisticsThe Austin, Texas based company is taking a different approach to the rodeo industry. Historically, the orchestration of rodeo was led by organizing bodies developing processes for their own business needs independently. Uniquely, Rodeo Logistics is developing its products with the enormous capacity to serve every level of rodeo competition and everyone in the ecosystem including; organizers, athletes, secretaries, committees, producers, promoters and contractors.

About EquiTech: Equitech Holdings LLC is a holding company that was created to develop and manage multiple equine technology businesses. The goal is to look at all the needs across the industry and bring the western lifestyle up to date from a technology standpoint. Equitech has spent time and efforts with multiple industry leaders to formulate synergetic strategies with these businesses.

About RopeMetrics: RopeMetrics is a software and classification system for Team Roping. Built to bring the technology advances of other industries to team roping for the first time. First to provide an App that allows membership registration, event calendar/signup, stats, contact info, etcSecond, to provide a complete event management software for producers and secretaries to efficiently run events, as well as, collect important valuable data to handicap ropers. Lastly, Ropemetrics created a very detailed algorithm to scientifically classify Team Ropers based on performance data. Data collection through the event management is the key piece to properly handicap team roping.

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