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Cowboy Poetry

Trick Or Treat



Jeff Hildebrandt
©Jeff Hildebrandt 10-10-15 / Graphic by Tenn Texas

It’s Halloween and down the street
Young voices shout their “Trick or Treat.”
You stand there watching at the door
as one group leaves, here come some more.
Like moths to flame, they seek the light
of someone waiting in the night.
With scary masks or painted faces
they open up their pillow cases.
And as you drop some candy in
they thank you. Then, their off again.

It’s Halloween each Sunday morn
for those who have not been re-born.
With pious mask and painted smiles
they wander up and down the aisles
of churches where they take a seat.
They wait to get some “Holy Treat,”
to fill a hollow space inside;
an emptiness they try to hide.
And all the while they just ignore
the One who’s knocking at their door.

If this sounds like someone you know
now’s the time to tell them so.
Tell them, “Don’t believe the lies,
it’s trick or treat and you’re the prize.
The signs are clear, the time is right.
Decide to walk into God’s light.
Don’t put it off, for if you do
you’ll find the trick has been on you.”

©Jeff Hildebrandt 10-10-15

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