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American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)

AQHA Robin Glenn will be featured on ReinerStop TV

ReinerStop teams up with AQHA, the world’s largest breed organization, for a 2-part video series: How to Make Data Driven Decisions for Successful Breeding!



SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA, October 28, 2021 / — Breeding season starts now. Without evidence-based data, breeding decisions are no more than a hopeful gamble. ReinerStop’s upcoming episode will help breeders sway the odds in their favor with the live video series with the American Quarter Horse Association.

I was born loving horses, specifically Quarter Horses. I’ve spent my life working to help grow the industry through pedigree data. ReinerStop TV will allow us to make known the tools available

– Robin glenn, director of Qdata

ReinerStop, the largest third party media outlet in reining, airs ReinerStop TV weekly on Facebook. ReinerStop TV is a digital series featuring industry experts and must-address topics. Robin Glenn, long time industry aficionado on pedigrees will be the expert contributor in the 2-part series that highlights QStallions, an AQHA service powered by QData.

Robin Glenn from the American Quarter Horse Association

This year marks 40 years of service to the industry as the leading provider of pedigree information for sales catalogs for QData, formerly known as Robin Glenn Pedigrees. QData, which started in 1983 was intended to enhance the information in sale catalogs. The database evolved to record the money earned in all events, and today has the largest database in the world containing performance records and earnings with nearly 400,000 horses and over $2 billion in records.

In this series, ReinerStop TV Hosts Chelsea Sutton and Sheley Brien will interview Robin Glenn to discuss the AQHA acquisition and rebrand of QData, including a live demonstration of both free and paid tools that will help mare & stallion owners make more data-driven breeding decisions this season.

ReinerStop TV co-hosts Sheley Brien and Chelsea Sutton set up for an onsite episode

“Industry growth requires more education, more entertainment. We need more honesty and more integrity to the data that backs equine sports. Robin & her team have dedicated years to pedigrees and earning data. Partnering with AQHA to bring this 2-part series to the masses through ReinerStop TV is another way ReinerStop can do their part in serving the industry and stimulating long term growth.” – Chelsea Sutton, ReinerStop Partner & Co-host

QData is the database that powers QStallions and other AQHA services for breeders, owners and exhibitors across the equine industry.

“QStallions powered by QData is a revolutionary tool for breeders much like what Billy Beane did for baseball. Why guess when you can increase your odds based on data?” – Sheley Brien, ReinerStop Founder and boutique reining horse breeder

The first episode of the AQHA series will air on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, during the AQHA World Show. The second episode will air on Wednesday, November 8, 2021.

Access this series on ReinerStop TV by visiting or directly on ReinerStop’s Facebook Page.

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