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CHILL Brands Group Launches Tobacco-Free Oral Nicotine Flavor Pouches

Company expands growing tobacco alternative offerings



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– Chill Brands Group Joins Short List of Brands Licensed to use Next Generation Labs’ TFN® Nicotine in Modern Oral nicotine products

– Entry into tobacco free nicotine category exposes company to major growth opportunities in the worldwide flavor pouch market expected to reach 32 billion by 2026

– Company among first to use adult lifestyle marketing in emerging tobacco free nicotine product category

Chill Brands Group announced Chill Tobacco Free Nicotine Flavor Pouches will be available nationwide and will further expand the company’s growing product lineup of tobacco alternatives. The company’s use of Next Generation Labs’ TFN® complements the company’s existing CBD products that will remain a mainstay of Chill’s growth strategy.

Chill created the new portion pouch product as part of the company’s commitment to expanding its robust tobacco alternative offerings adding the recreational experience of tobacco free nicotine that is devoid of all tobacco-derived residuals.

Antonio Russo, Co-CEO of Chill Brands Group believes the addition of Chill TFN® to the existing CBD portfolio will enhance the company’s ability to provide consumers with alternatives to cigarettes, cigars and other traditional tobacco and vape products.

Chill Brands highlights the company’s previously announced distribution partnerships as a strategic benefit, while its novel lifestyle marketing themes will prove unique within the growing tobacco-free nicotine category.

Russo added, “While some companies struggling to create nicotine pouch sale opportunities from the ground up, Chill Brands already has the advantage of manufacturing capability, distribution adaptability and sales channels flexibility from our established CBD lineup and our existing distributors to quickly integrate CHILLTFN® into our growing sales channels. Chill already possess a dynamite brand and strong distribution and marketing partnerships that gives us a running start within this multi-billion dollar growth product category.”

The tobacco-free CHILL nicotine pouches provide adult customers with a soft feel pouch and intense flavors, while incorporating the latest in beyond the tobacco plant synthetic nicotine technologies. The cans are offered with 20 pouches and flavors that include Mint, Mango and Lemon. The Chill tobacco-free nicotine flavor pouches include lasting and enjoyable flavors, moist pouch mouth feel for true comfort, a natural soft cellulose base filler in the pouch that permits even release of both flavor and nicotine, all of which result in a truly enjoyable nicotine experience for former adult tobacco users. CHILL nicotine pouches will be sold at retail points of sale and via the most popular online retail platforms for Modern Oral Nicotine products.

In 2021, the company announced the acquisition of to support expansion and diversification of its growing tobacco alternative product line-up. The foundation of CBD, and this recent addition of a TFN® option, positions Chill for future announcements that will further expand the tobacco alternatives products offered by Chill.

The company notes that according to the manufacturer of TFN™ the majority of ‘so-called’ tobacco free nicotine pouches leading brands available on the market are still made with nicotine chemically extracted from tobacco leaf, scrap, dust or similar sources. In joining with TFN®, Chill is fully committed to offering customers a legitimate choice to nicotine that is beyond the tobacco plant.

“Chill Brands is among the only lifestyle-oriented companies participating in the truly tobacco free nicotine product category,” continued Russo. “Chill has a well-established line of CBD products that are the foundation of our brand and values. Next Generation Labs TFN® aligns with our tobacco alternative focus, and we are among only a few companies offering CBD and TFN® pouches, and we are just in the infancy of the fast growing tobacco alternative product marketplace.”

Russo also applauded the technology and innovations of Next Generation Labs, and expressed excitement that Chill Brands Group will benefit from the company’s forward thinking as consumer sentiment turns away from tobacco derived nicotine.

In July 2021 Tobacco Giant Phillip Morris announced that the company, who promoted historically iconic brands like Marlboro, will stop selling cigarettes in the U.K where Chill is headquartered. Chill Brands Group believes the announcement symbolizes the ultimate social stigmatization and decline of traditional tobacco products in many nations around the world, and believes the company’s CBD and TFN® lines will be positioned to benefit from this underlying shift in consumer sentiment.

Chill also announced the company is partnering with one of the nation’s most famous western heritage families to support the new CHILL TFN® pouches, and also is partnering with rodeo athletes who value having tobacco free alternatives in a sport as the rodeo community is a historical mainstay of traditional chewing tobacco. The professional riders who currently comprise what the company calls #TeamChill are often featured on the Cowboy Channel, a media outlet who published a report in April, 2021 showcasing the expected growth in the emerging pouch market. According to an analysis conducted by 360 Research Report the category is expected to reach USD 3.27 billion in sales by 2026 from its current volume of $2.37 billion in 2020. With the growing options to move away from tobacco derived nicotine, Chill believes its implementation of TFN® will result in market share capture as consumers move away from traditional cigarettes to tobacco alternatives and toward Chill’s lifestyle oriented marketing strategy.

The company is launching the product online at and in retail outlets in the fall of 2021.

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