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Album Cover Courtesy of The Valory Music Co. | Photo Credits Jim Wright

As a MULTI-PLATINUM artist known for blazing creative trails, Aaron Lewis has never been afraid to stand on conviction.

With a catalog of soul-baring hits, he’s never been one to hide behind his lyrics, either.

And with his new album THE HILL, due March 29 via The Valory Music Co., the North-Country native is unfiltered – and unplugged – in a way that leaves no room for doubt.

A deeply personal set written from a lifetime of highs and lows, it pairs Lewis’ iconic vocal rasp with a bare-bones acoustic sound, a reflective mindset and little else, as a confessional hit maker chooses the hill where he’ll make his stand.

Featuring 10 tracks penned solo or with a tight circle of collaborator/confidants, the set speaks to a time of upheaval – both in the wider world and within.

Pledging to shoot his fans straight, Lewis offers up a 50-50 mix of riding out the winds of change and driving another mineshaft deep into his soul.

Like his 2022 collection FRAYED AT BOTH ENDS, Lewis delivers THE HILL as an acoustic record, maximizing the potential for lyrical impact.

Produced by Lewis alongside Ira Dean, it’s raw in the purest sense of the Country-rock term – often backing his jagged-edge vocal with just a guitar, dobro and mandolin.

“Music has always been my escape, my way of expressing the things that I don’t express very well in life,”

Aaron lewis

“I’m coming up on 52 years old, and I’m on the hill I’m going to stand on.

Nobody’s going to change me now.

This record is a snapshot of my life and how I’m feeling and where my head is at – and that’s what my records have always been.”


Right from the opening track, those guts take center stage.

An upbeat track that’s “very much not about going fishing,” “Let’s Go Fishing” finds Lewis calling out the nation’s problems – but deciding to leave them for another day.

Co-written with Bobby Pinson, a mix of fed-up frustration and organic-Country comfort creates an intriguing contrast – a lightly-coded protest anthem with a let-it-be theme.

The Vermont-born powerhouse first found success with Staind – the 2000s-era hard rockers who injected meditative muscle into an era better known for mindless aggression.

But while that band is still very much alive, it was never enough to satisfy Lewis’ creative drive.

Embracing his roots to earn a rare second round of success, a series of solo Country projects have led to two No. 1 Billboard Country Album debuts – TOWN LINE (2011) and SINNER (2016) – plus a PLATINUM collab with heroes George Jones and Charlie Daniels (“Country Boy”), and a GOLD-certified Billboard No. 1 with “Am I The Only One” in 2021.

Lewis’ 2022 solo album followed suit, with FRAYED AT BOTH ENDS emerging as the best-selling Country album in America, but he never wrote songs for the stats.

No matter the sonic setting, Lewis writes and sings to get his truth out and THE HILL is no different.


  1. Let’s Go Fishing” | Written by: Aaron Lewis, Bobby Pinson
  2. Over The Hill” | Written by: Aaron Lewis, Matt McGinn, Bobby Pinson
  3. Made In China” | Written by: Aaron Lewis, Bobby Pinson
  4. Spinnin’” | Written by: Aaron Lewis, Ira Dean, Jeffrey Steele
  5. Over Me” | Written by: Aaron Lewis, Ira Dean, Jeffrey Steele
  6. Outlaw” | Written by: Aaron Lewis, Matt McGinn, Bobby Pinson
  7. Up To Me” | Written by: Aaron Lewis, Bobby Pinson
  8. That’s My Life” | Written by: Aaron Lewis, Ira Dean, Jeffrey Steele
  9. Only In My Mind” | Written by: Aaron Lewis, Ira Dean, Jeffrey Steele
  10. Little More Mine” | Written by: Aaron Lewis, Matt McGinn, Bobby Pinson


Aaron Lewis grew up in Springfield, Vermont, listening to his grandparents’ country 8-tracks. Those roots inspired the multi-platinum Staind founder to return to his origins for the #1 Billboard Country Album debuts Town Line and Sinner, as well as Billboard’s #1 Hot Country Song debut “Am I The Only One,” only the 9th time since 1958.

Having recorded with George Jones, Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Alison Krauss and Vince Gill, Lewis has put a traditionalist brand on his outlier country. 

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