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Lottery fever is sweeping across the U.S. as the Mega Millions jackpot has hit a whopping $1.58 billion, the largest drawing in history. With milk prices tanking and feed prices through the roof, it’s safe to assume a fair number of dairy farmers have likely purchased a ticket or two, crossing their fingers that it’s the winning one.

We posted a question on our Dairy Herd Management Facebook page asking, “What would you do if you won the Mega Millions?” Several producers instantly began dreaming about how they’d spend their newfound wealth. Here’s what they had to say:

“Pay off debt for lots of people, build a house, build a new barn, milk cows and not care how expensive the feed is!”

“Rebuild our farm so our 7th generation can come milk.”
“Give the majority of it away. It would be so fun to change so many lives – both human and animal!”
“Help people who are sick and struggling with bills! Donate to the fire department and ambulance services! Take a vacation and tip a waitress with big tips!”
“Spend more time with family and friends and actually take a vacation!”
“Give to our church and buy up as much land as possible to stop the development that is trying to come to our area.”

Other farmers were not as serious with their answers, saying:

“Buy a tank of gas.”
“Purchase six months worth of hay.”
“Farm for a few years, then go back to work once the money ran out.”
“Buy a 30-pack of beer, a 1992 F150 and a new pair of sunglasses.”

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