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Cavallo’s All-Purpose Saddle Pads Help When Horses’ Backs Change with the Seasons

With winter approaching, it’s time to make sure horses have comfortable saddle fit – and that they haven’t changed much over the season. Cavallo’s pads improve saddle fit by contracting at pressure points and filling gaps.



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Denver, CO, October 07, 2021 –(– Horses’ backs continuously change shape. With winter fast approaching, it’s time to make sure horses have comfortable saddle fit – and that they haven’t changed too much over the season.

Horses may build muscle, lose or gain weight, or simply change with age. Plus, all horses need extra help to carry weight evenly as they compensate for imbalanced riders, saddle pressure points, or imbalanced saddles. Most all know a horse who is high withered, mutton withered, sway-backed, or have one shoulder bigger than the other. The Cavallo Horse & Rider saddle pads can help horses through many changes. Check out the saddle-fitting guide at Plus, read on to find out how Cavallo’s all-purpose saddle pads can help saddle fit for English or Western riding and how bridge and build-up pads may help the saddle fit better.

Help for Horses:
Cavallo’s pads improve saddle fit by contracting at pressure points and filling gaps. The pads redistribute weight off of the horse’s spine and onto the muscle. They are designed to provide relief with a unique cutback feature. Plus, the closed-cell compression allows horses’ shoulder blades to move freely. The pads are also lightweight and have an aerated design to keep horses cool during rides.

Cavallo’s Tri-Density Solution combines the shock-absorbing power of three materials. Technologically advanced materials allow the pads to provide more shock absorption than pads twice as thick. The thinner pad creates more room for the articulation of the horse’s scapula during riding. Cavallo’s Tri-Density Solution layered foam construction is highly shock absorbent. The pads are durable with genuine leather butt joints, nylon bindings, and aeration perforations. They are also easy to care for – they’re machine washable and drip to dry. They can be pressure washed. The pads are also reversible with 100 percent Merino wool on one side and closed-cell shock-absorbing foam on the other.

Check out their full line of Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pads:

All-Purpose Pads
All-Purpose English Saddle Pad: Inside the Cavallo All-Purpose English Saddle Pad, medical memory foam sits on either side of the spine to enhance the function of the saddle gullet. Shock-absorbing memory foam will provide a gentle massaging action as it bounds back before the next impact. Seat bone cues are easily transmitted for disciplines from dressage to jumping. The pad is lightweight – only one pound. MSRP $119.95 at

Western All Purpose Saddle Pad: Firm poly fiber sheets have been inserted alongside the protective memory foam inserts to create internal stability. This equalizes the load in high-performance sports. These panels allow more complete utilization of the horse’s scapula. The pad provides cushion and support for the horse’s muscular system where reflex centers lie. The pad contracts at pressure points and fills up gaps to ease saddle fit discrepancies. It weighs only three pounds. Length: 30” and Width: 32”. MSRP $199.95 at

Need more saddle-fit help? The Cavallo Western Bridge Saddle Pad ( is thinner at the front and rear and raised in the middle, for a saddle that is too tight at the withers yet lifts off at the mid-back. For a saddle that tips, the Western Built-Up Saddle Pad ( provides additional padding over the wither to balance a saddle that would otherwise incline to the fore.

See even more pad options to correct saddle fit issues at

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