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As a young woman I dreamed of being a very successful entrepreneur with a passion and purpose. My passion is to create, invent, design, discover a creative, out of the box destination that will empower communities, and the world. I want to emerge my passion with purpose and generate a destination that reflects the heritage of the west and the importance of agriculture in America. I am currently creating my masterpiece and traveling the passionate road in life to acquire achievements from every experience in life to strengthen my vision for a clear and successful path to my destination. My expertise is in organizing, creativity, volunteering, design, leadership, influencer, being an idealist, analyzer, broadcasting, public speaking and being a conductor in every project. My goals are to strengthen my analysis paralysis and create balance within projects as well as not taking on more than I can handle in hopes of accomplishing more with less. I am an overcomer, each adversity strengthens my passion to live my life's purpose. The sky is the limit! The words from Winston Churchill empower me, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

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