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NASHVILLE, TENN. – (September 17, 2021) – As Americans continue to struggle in the day-to-day issues of our current issues personally and as a nation, Dallas Remington, has released “American Soil,” a heartfelt patriotic tune in honor of and in tribute to the U.S.A. The song was performed live at Freedom Jam in Eureka, MO on August 28 and released digitally today. Penned by Dallas Remington and Courtney Bumbacher with production, engineering and mixing by Corey Lawson at Claw Sound Studios and Mastered by Harold Larue Mastering in Nashville. “American Soil” is available on all digital streaming and download here.   

When Dallas Remington and Courtney Bumbacher got together to write on July 9th, 2021, it was on their hearts to write a patriotic song. The pair of female songwriters wanted to write a song expressing how thankful they are to the men and women who have dedicated their lives to serve and protect the United States of America. Before the day was over, “American Soil” had been created.

The world seemed to change drastically when less than two months later, thirteen of our young servicemen and women paid the ultimate sacrifice while assisting the citizens of Afghanistan. “It’s safe for me to walk out my own door” has always been Dallas’s favorite line of the song. It broke her heart when these events occurred and when the change of rule in Afghanistan meant it was no longer safe for women to walk outside their home. She says she will never take for granted the freedom and safety she has living here in America.

While preparing to perform for a Veterans’ event in St Louis, MO, Dallas began including “American Soil” in her sets. Dallas says she knows in her heart this is a song our country needs to hear. Despite the differences we have here in America, to live and be raised on American Soil is truly a blessing.

“There’s people over there in some foreign land

Praying and doing everything they can

Working 24/7 until they can come home again

But over here it’s a struggle just to make amends

The fighting and dividing is between friends

Can’t even raise your voice to try to defend

Wherever you stand

There’s no other flag I’d pledge allegiance to

Then that ole red white and blue

‘Cause some sacrificed, some even lost it all 

Because Freedom ain’t free, we can have it all

It’s safe for me to walk out my own door

So I’ll always be loyal

To that American soil

Sometimes I just don’t understand

how people can forget and  not give a damn

About the price that was paid for them  to wake up  to another day

Ain’t it such a shame …”

“Dallas is such a pleasure working with in the studio! She brought me a great song that I thought needed to be heard, so I made it happen! The well-crafted writing on “American Soil” made it easy to bring this song to life,” commented Producer – Corey Lawson.

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Dallas Remington music is available on all digital platforms Apple Music , iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music and Amazon Music.

About Dallas Remington:

Dallas Remington is a no-nonsense country recording artist and songwriter who knows who she is and what she wants. The Kentucky-born, fifth generation farming family member who started performing in Nashville at age 11 and moved to Nashville at the age of 15, thrives with a passion for life, her music, and her faith. Dallas’ vocal talents are marked by her striking lyrics and textured phrasing; her fiery verve and vigor comes to life in every performance–intimate or live. Her passion for playing the guitar and performing began at an early age, around nine years old, however she regularly plays a variety of instruments with guitar and bass as her primary focus. “Singing will always be a part of me. Whether I’m singing at church, on the street, on a flatbed trailer, or somewhere in Nashville, I love every minute.” she stated. A Dallas Remington performance includes a variety of songs, from her originals like “Found Her Freedom” (charted top 60 on MusicRow Breakout Chart), and “Never Turned Around”(charting #37 on the MusicRow Breakout Chart), “Boy In A Band ” which climbed to #41 on the MusicRow Breakout Chart, “Huntin Season” which topped out at #32 on Music Row Country Breakout Chart & #9 on CDX True Indie Chart. Pre-pandemic, Dallas played an average of 100+ shows and events a year, including solo and full band sets. Dallas and her band actually closed out the 2020 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo just a few days before the Covid shutdown. With shows already booked in Kentucky, Montana, Missouri, and Oklahoma for this year; Dallas is excited to get back on the road!  “Uncommon Man” (released May 2020), has crossed 700k organic streams on Spotify and charted #43 on the Billboard Country Indicator Chart as well as #24 on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart. The song is dedicated to her father as well as all the essential workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Dallas is gearing up for a breakout year with her new single, “Princess” which is currently rising on the radio charts, released Spring 2021. Her video in support of the song was featured on CMT as has amassed over a million views over all platforms.  Dallas also loves to perform traditional country songs from artists such as Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton, as well as southern gospel and classic Rock. Dallas Remington’s talents have been recognized by the music industry by the Volunteer State Country Bluegrass Gospel Music Association who presented Dallas awards for Entertainer of the Year,  Instrumentalist of the Year, Traditional Country Female Vocalist of the Year,  New Country Co-Songwriter of the Year for “Found Her Freedom” and “Never Turned Around” (2016), Traditional Country Co-Songwriter of the Year for “Here’s Your Trailer Key” (2017) and Traditional Country Songwriter of The Year for “I’m Country”(2016) and Female Instrumentalist of Year 2018 ages 18-21.

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