The TV Personality and New York Times Bestselling Author shares tips for what an elevated summer should look, feel and        taste like.

  MILWAUKEEJuly 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer is partnering with stylist and designer                
  Emily Henderson
to help consumers celebrate summer with tips to deliciously transform and enhance their outdoor spaces      and gatherings. Combining the sparkling PRESS flavor profiles with her approachable and elegant style sensibility, Emily          offers tips to create a memorable seltzer garden experience that makes the most of summer days.

PRESS was founded in 2015 to offer consumers a premium alcohol seltzer crafted with globally inspired, sophisticated fruit-and-spice combinations and all-natural ingredients. These distinctive flavor profiles set PRESS apart as the highly-awarded brand with the most loyal customer base in the category. The natural partnership between PRESS and Emily shares a vision for relaxed elegant lifestyle experiences. Inspired by the global PRESS flavor profiles, Emily’s tips create outdoor seltzer garden spaces that are sophisticated yet comfortable, elegant yet inviting.

“Each time I design a space, I think about how to enhance a person’s experience in that space through subtle changes and unique accents,” said Emily Henderson, television personality, author, and blogger. “I love that PRESS does the same with their premium approach to alcohol seltzer. Sipping PRESS (especially my favorite flavor, Pear Chamomile) is truly an elevated experience!”

Emily’s design and styling tips will help consumers create an inviting ‘seltzer garden’ in their own backyard to elevate in-person gatherings this summer. From ambiance and seating to food paired with sparkling PRESS Seltzer, these tips are delightful guidelines for gathering with singular style this summer:

  • Garnish your drinks: Bring the fruit flavors forward with delicious and flavorful garnishes. Whether in season fruits or edible flowers, an added something makes for the perfect elegant addition to your PRESS. With sophisticated flavor pairings, a garnish is sure to let the crisp seltzer bubbles shine.
  • Elevate the classics: Think plaids, ginghams, quilts, wood and string lights. You don’t need to reinvent the party, you just need to lean into what people have loved forever, and then scatter these items to elevate the space.
  • Bring the inside out: While there are a lot of disposable party items out there, bringing your indoor dishes, furniture, and textiles outside not only makes an outdoor party feel more special but it is far more sustainable and better for the planet.
  • Ready, Set, Game On: Set out fun activities like conversation cards, bingo, cornhole, ring toss or bocce. This gives your guests a way to mingle and ease into conversation while giving them something to do (with a PRESS in hand of course!).
  • Rethink the drink bucket: You can use low and wide pots or bowls to house cold drinks with ice – no galvanized metal required.

“We are thrilled to have PRESS partner with Emily. Her beautifully relaxed approach to elevated style mirrors our own—and makes it easy for consumers to create low-fuss yet memorable backyard gatherings this summer,” said Amy Walberg, Founder and CEO of PRESS. “For us, this partnership is a natural fit. Not only does Emily share our culture as a female-founded brand, but she also shares our mission to savor life’s delicious moments through these lovely summer days and all year long.”

PRESS recently secured its tenth consecutive win at Seltzerland, the nationally traveling seltzer festival, after being named the #1 Best Hard Seltzer by over 10,000 attendees across 10 cities. For more information, please visit and follow PRESS on Instagram and Facebook @pressseltzer.

About Emily Henderson
Emily is best known for winning HGTV Design Star and starring in Secrets from a Stylist on HGTV. She brought her approachable, elegant signature style to the public as the author of the New York Times bestseller, STYLED, and is working on her second book on all things renovation, coming out in February 2022. In addition to her partnership with PRESS, Emily is restoring her family’s farmhouse in Portland, Oregon with her husband, two kids and two pups.

Amy Walberg is the founder and CEO of PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer, the leading independent seltzer brand. As a corporate advertising guru, single mom, and avid seltzer drinker, Amy noticed there weren’t any premium hard seltzers on the market that fit her busy lifestyle. In 2015, Amy developed the first PRESS flavor in her kitchen as a forerunner in the hard seltzer category.

Amy’s delicious vision for PRESS is sweeping the consumer vote for #1 Best Tasting Seltzer at this year’s Seltzerland events. She pioneered an elevated seltzer experience proven to appeal through unique culinary flavor profiles, natural ingredients, and understated, sophisticated branding. PRESS is also distinguished by a more sessionable lower ABV (4%), which enables the complex and subtle flavor notes to break through.

Today, PRESS is the only independent, female-founded hard seltzer within the top 10 brands and is available across the contiguous United States. PRESS continues to cement its place as the premium offering, winning over consumers and media alike. For more information, please visit and follow PRESS on Instagram and Facebook @pressseltzer.

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